Concept of odour-free cannabis gaining interest, company says

The pungent odour of cannabis has led some property managers and others to prohibit smoking cannabis on-site – an issue an Ontario company is hoping to address with its Odourless Cannabis.

It appears the concept of “odour-free cannabis” may be gaining traction.

While cannabis is legal, the distinctive odour it produces can be off-putting for some people, leading some in the industry to explore ways to remove the pungent smell.

According to Ontario-based CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp., real estate companies are among those endorsing its PureScent Odourless Cannabis technology.

“We have significant problems with respect to the odour of cannabis products on our properties,” said one Ontario property manager, identified as Sam in a CannabCo news release last week. “Since cannabis legislation in Canada, we have fielded increasing complaints from tenants that find the odour offensive.”

Most property management firms ban the smoking of cannabis on any managed premises. However, the problem is not so straightforward.

“In addition to the problem of cannabis odour, we now faced complaints from the smokers that they had a right to take their medication in the comfort of their own homes. Both groups were of the opinion their rights were being subverted.”

The issue has also been raised in tourism, with travellers finding many hotels and vacation rental properties are also non-smoking.

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Others speak to the potential impact on property values and rental rates as people may decline a home or relocate based on the presence of cannabis odour.

The company says its Odourless Cannabis could help solve the issue, making “the lives of property owners on both sides of the cannabis fence much easier.”

CannabCo says it intends to release additional information on PureScent in the coming weeks.

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