Council gives the green light to Hope’s second non-medical cannabis retail store

In an unanimous vote, councillors approved Hope’s second non-medical cannabis store. AdobeStock

Hope is poised to get a second non-medical cannabis retail store after council voted in favour of it Oct. 11.

In an unanimous vote, councillors voted to allow a cannabis store to be established at 821 6th Ave., just across from the Kingpin Lounge. This is the second non-medical cannabis store allowed in Hope.

“I’ve talked to quite a few people in the community…and it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me,” said Tyler Kerr, who submitted the application for a licence for the store. “From everything I’ve heard, I’ve only had positive feedback.”

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During the public hearing, which took place just before the meeting, a concerned citizen did write in objecting to the store. They worried that having the store so close to both the lounge and a residential area would increase the noise and disturb residents. Kerr, who has experience running a cannabis store, reassured council and the community that he doesn’t anticipate that happening as his customers, for the most part, are not interested in loitering around the store — especially once they’ve made their purchases. Kerr also noted that the license for the store stipulates that customers are not allowed to loiter and he is responsible/liable if this is not followed.

This is the second cannabis shop to receive a licence after council adopted new regulations and a bylaw change, on May 9, allowing the retail sale of marijuana in Hope.

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