Precision grinder + destemmer combo aims to transform cannabis pre-roll and extraction processing

Cullen Raichart, founder and CEO of GreenBroz Inc. and developer of cannabis post-harvest processing equipment, with the Model G Precision Grinder + Destemmer, made exclusively in the U.S. at the GreenBroz manufacturing facility in Las Vegas.

GreenBroz, the Las Vegas-based company creates automated harvesting solutions for the legal cannabis industry, has launched the first combination destemmer and grinder on the market.

The Model G Precision Grinder + Destemmer, which can process over 100 pounds per hour, features a first-of-its-kind continuous throughput system. Removing stems from milled flower efficiently while maintaining product quality and controlling particle size have been substantial obstacles for operators to overcome, the company said in a press release announcing the launch.

“It is a significant milestone for us to be able to deliver this technology that solves the long-standing problem of creating uniform particulates for the pre-roll, concentrates and edibles segments while maintaining a high degree of quality, efficiency and throughput,” says GreenBroz founder and CEO Cullen Raichart.

“Five years of concentrated work by our engineering team and countless hours of testing has produced what we are confident is an enduring solution.”

The key innovation is the Model G’s patent-pending triangular blade assembly. When combined with the low-torque, low-RPM motor, it allows for a high degree of control over particle size while its gentle actuation generates less heat, maintaining the integrity of high-value terpenes and trichomes, maximizing THC content per pound, the company says.

“Unlike other machines on the market today that pulverize buds, the Model G was designed to gently deconstruct the bud to yield the uniform grind size of your choice,” says GreenBroz engineer Dylan Cruz. The Model G comes with 1/8-inch, 5/32-inch or 3/16-inch mill size interchangeable screens, giving customers control and flexibility. The unit can be completely customized by adding a stainless steel perforated metal sheet of any size.

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