Q&A: Cultivating cannabis culture with Vancouver’s Village Bloomery

Village Bloomery offers a selection of cannabis, body products, edibles, beverages, and beyond. Photo submitted by Village Bloomery.

Canadian Evergreen decided to connect with Village Bloomery, a Vancouver-based dispensary known for their “bloomifestos” on community, love and feeling good. The answers have been edited for clarity and length.

Q. Why did you decide to open up a cannabis shop?

A: We opened up shop in 2015. It was an exciting time in the cannabis space and we felt that we could bring something special to the marketplace. As a black-owned business, social justice is important to us so it was something we could really commit to. We are passionate about living a plant-based life and we wouldn’t want to live without cannabis!

Q. What kinds of products do you offer?

A: Our menu focuses on locally grown and micro cultivated cannabis flowers. We also have a great selection of cannabis body products, edibles and beverages. We’ve also invested in artisan accessories to enjoy your cannabis in style!

Q: What makes your dispensary unique?

A: For us cannabis is personal. It is a part of our daily lives and we are completely immersed in the science and innovation. We are passionate about helping people build a healthy relationship with the plant based on their own needs. Having operated in the pre-regulated space and the regulated space gives us a small advantage living through what we call a golden age of cannabis. This gives us a roadmap to navigate moving forward.

Q: Cannabis has been legalized for two years in Canada, but many advocates say there is still much work to do. Where do you think the country needs to go when it comes to cannabis?

Here is where we get to make noise! We need to see a more inclusive marketplace with POC in positions of power. We need to see the carbon footprint greatly reduced through shipping and processing, the packaging is out of control, the potency levels on the edible products needs to be addressed, and the marketing regulations need to be relaxed if we are wanting to appeal to those who support the unregulated market. We need to create a playing field that allows consumers access to the products they love and depend on legally. The Vape tax is overkill. The warnings on the packages are not science based and are offensive in our opinion and lastly cannabis is medicine and when prescribed it should be tax free. Rant over for now.

Q: What is your top tip for someone new to cannabis?

A: Ask lots of questions. Many people feel that high means disoriented but we’d like to imagine high is what you feel after great sex, a wonderful day at the beach or spending the day on a snow covered mountain! Do we want to be high? Yes. Do we want to feel dizzy? Not so much.

Q. What’s your favourite way to enjoy cannabis?

A: We enjoy rolling and smoking a joint. That said, an infused bath can be wonderful and edibles are nice if inhalation isn’t on the table.

Q. What do you want to see your operation look like in 5 years – any new services, products?

A: We’d love to take our vision and grow it into other parts of the country. We’d love to connect with small batch growers in other provinces to tell their stories through their flowers. At some point we’d love to come full circle and bring back our cafe. Coffee and cannabis are great friends.