Supreme Cannabis’s Langley Blissco facility at the forefront of new product launch

Langley’s Blissco is manufacturing a new vaporizer cartridge that will be soon sold in eight provinces across Canada.

Blissco, which is owned by The Supreme Cannabis Company, will be manufacturing the vaporizers under Supreme Cannabis’s sugarleaf brand.

“Sugarleaf boost sativa is a 0.5-gram 510 vaporizer cartridge created from a sativa-dominant strain,” the company said in a news release.

“Sativa dominant strains are often associated with uplifting and creative experiences.”

In addition to the vaporizer, Supreme Cannabis is launching two other products under the sugarleaf brand, a new o.5-gram pre-roll and milled flower.

“This new pre-roll format allows consumers to enjoy a smaller amount of cannabis per pre-roll and pace their consumption experience,” the company said. “Sugarleaf is also introducing sugarleaf bloom, a 3.5 and 7-gram milled sativa-dominant strain that is ready to smoke with no grinding necessary.”

Sugarleaf derives its name from cannabis sugar leaves.