5 Canadian cannabis social media influencers to have on your radar

Seth Rogen showcasing flower during launch of Houseplant, his cannabis company, on March 1, 2021. (Screenshot)

Over the years, influencer marketing has grown rapidly in popularity, and for good reason. As it turns out, customers tend to trust the opinions of influencers over celebrities when choosing which products to buy, and the same rules apply to the cannabis space.

In an industry that’s flooded with new strains and products to try, which at times, can feel overwhelming to even the most savvy of smokers, knowing what cannabis influencers to follow is important – they use their platforms and voices to inform and educate about cannabis use and share suggestions such as what CBD oils and edibles to try.

Here are 5 Canadian cannabis influencers you should be following on social media (if you aren’t already) because they truly are blazing through it all.

  1. Nikki Jackson @savvystonedgirlWith nearly 25,000 followers, Nikki Jackson is a mental health advocate, a natural healing enthusiast and a passionate yogi, who supports cannabis-use when practicing. Her feed is a colourful mix of photos and videos, where she shares her self-care routines and in-depth knowledge on what strains to try when relaxing or practicing yoga.
  2. Travis Petersen @the_nomadcookTravis is a West Coast native and is hailed as one of the leading Cannabis Chefs in Canada. Throughout his career, Travis has served thousands of people their first cannabis-infused dining experience. From sharing cooking tips to photos of delicious dishes infused with CBD, Travis, better known as the Nomad Cook, is a must-follow for those looking to learn more about cannabis-infused cooking.
  3. Natasha Raey @nraeyA serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Natasha Raey’s primary work focus includes healthcare, women’s empowerment, and medical marijuana. Not only has Natasha opened Cadence Health Centre, a multi-disciplinary health centre and compounding pharmacy in downtown Toronto, but she was also one of the founders of Lift Cannabis Co. a leading resource for cannabis information in Canada.
  4. Seth Rogen @sethrogenFor years, Canadian comedian, writer, director and producer Seth Rogen has been a trailblazer for the cannabis space, and his Instagram is a reflection of that. Not only does he post updates about his signature brand Houseplant, with Canada’s Canopy Growth Corp., he also shares pictures of the weed plants he grows at home and his latest hobby, pottery. Rogen’s pottery skills have garnered him a lot of attention and for good reason. He regularly makes ashtrays, vases, bottles and pots for plants. You could say that Rogen has become the ultimate potterhead.
  5. Jacqui Childs @jacquichildsJacqui is a Canadian cannabis Influencer with an impressive online following into the millions (with over 133,000 on Instagram and over 2 million on her Facebook page). Not only is she a passionate cannabis writer and has been published nationally and internationally, she uses her platform to advocate and educate the public about cannabis, so make sure to give her a follow.

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