Apps, smoking lounges, resins: A few thoughts on cannabis consumption

Here are a few thoughts on cannabis consumption and what the future might hold.

The cannabis industry is evolving faster than ever now that it’s legal, and new trends are also constantly surfacing.

With the surging demand comes new companies trying to make their mark on the industry, many of which are using new ways to tailor specific strains to users.

Cultivators are creating new strains to purposefully breed for certain effects and with more growers than ever we are seeing more and more specific strains.

Although strains each have their own common effects they will sometimes affect people very differently based on a number of factors, with some studies suggesting people’s genes are a factor.

Read this scientific study from National Center for Biotechnology Information

With so many strains on the market things can get confusing for new users, however that’s what the ReLeaf app was made to help solve. ReLeaf allows users to save their own info about strains they have smoked and can crowdsource data from users who have had similar experiences from the same strain to better tailor your experience.

Cannabis consumption lounges have started appearing in some major cities and offer a look into what some think this cannabis scene will turn into, once we’re free of social distancing caused due to COVID-19. Although these lounges aren’t permitted to sell cannabis they can still be a great option for any group wanting to socialize, after going to a dispensary, but especially for travellers staying in no-smoking buildings.

While concentrates have always been popular, ways to extract and develop them are constantly evolving and a trend gaining steam recently is live resin.

Live resin is created differently by quickly freezing freshly harvested cannabis to preserve its terpenes for optimal taste and fragrance, therefore skipping the drying and curing phase.

Although not just differentiated by its high terpene content, live resin usually is a much less solid texture then shatter, sitting right in between a wax and a sauce, though the amount of terpenes can affect texture.

Although live resin was first created around 2011 and it could be found in dispensaries, it would often be priced much higher than other concentrates and only recently has it become more widely available and cheaper for consumers; helping it become the pinnacle of concentrated cannabis.