From ‘Mary Jones’ to THC-infused caesars, quench your thirst with cannabis

Mary Jones 10mg Berry Lemonade was named Best Cannabis Soda in California’s 2023 High Spirits Awards. Mary Jones photo

Back in ye olden times, say, a few years ago prior to legalisation, your best option for creating a variety of cannabis products would be to make a simple cannabis-infused butter, which you could then add to a variety of baked goods.

However, in the most glorious times we find ourselves in today, legalisation and the mainstream corporatization of the cannabis industry has brought a variety of new cannabis products, some from new companies, and some from old companies new to the cannabis industry looking to attract a new line of customers.

One of these established brands stepping foot into the cannabis industry is West Coast favourite Jones Soda Company. Their new THC-infused soda brand, Mary Jones, launched last year in California and is now available across Washington state in 12-ounce and 16-ounce cans infused with either 10mg or 100mg of THC respectively.

Earlier this year, the brand earned kudos in California’s 2023 High Spirits Awards, which named Mary Jones THC-infused 10mg Berry Lemonade its Best Cannabis Soda and Gold Medal honours, along with a Gold Medal win for Mary Mary Jones 100mg THC-infused Root Beer.

Truss Beverage Co. has added the Canadian favourite Caesar to its drink lineup, with 10mg THC and 10mg CBG. Truss Beverage photo

Offered in Root Beer, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple and Orange Cream flavours, and with future releases planned, Canadians are crossing their fingers that the new beverage will make its way up to be sold where Jones Soda was founded in the first place.

Edibles have always been a fan-favourite when it comes to consuming cannabis, but these new products aim straight for the tastebuds of Canadians.

Continuing with new drinks releasing, Truss Beverage Co. is adding the Canadian favourite Caesar and the first cannabis-infused beer, Mollo 10, both containing 10mg THC and 10mg CBG, Choose the flavours of spicy tomato, the umami flavours of clam, Worcestershire and hints of celery and black pepper, or sit back and sip the tried-and-true taste of beer, now without hangovers, and experience a new way for Canadians to relax!

If you’re looking for a warm, infused beverage to take their relaxation to another level, look no further as Soleil brings another new style of infused drinks to market from their line of infused tea products.

Inspired by the joy of discovery and embracing the brighter moments of life, Soleil unveils packs of Peach Ginger Green Tea (20 mg of CBD and less than 1 mg THC), Lavender Chamomile Tea, (20 mg of CBD, 10mg CBN and less than 1mg THC), and Mint Tea, (20 mg of CBD and 2mg THC), with each pack containing five biodegradable pyramid tea bag sachets.

Find Soleil products in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario and other select regions and cannabis retailers across Canada. Even the iced-tea-only-drinking heathens can get in on the action, with each premium tea blend being dosed for ease of consumption and ready to steep hot or cold, sweetened or unsweetened, and even as a base to tea-inspired mocktails!

More than anything, the newest trend we’re excited to see is the increase in different styles of infused edible cannabis products.

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