Grow Up Conference and Expo brings new experiences to Niagara Falls

Retail networking and a special day for budtenders are among the many opportunities at the Grow Up Conference and Expo in Victoria, June 20 to 22.

The Grow Up Conference and Expo returns to Niagara Falls Sept. 11 to 13 with a variety of new experiences, including educational and collaborative B2B events, unique sessions, networking opportunities and more.

The events follows the successful Victoria, B.C. conference hosted in June.

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“What we are most proud of is that we bring the best growers in the world together,” says Randy Rowe, president of Grow Up Conference and Expo. “This gives our exhibitors and participating delegates the opportunity to interact with the largest group of growers in one location.”

Grow Up kicks off Sept. 11 with its exhibitor load-in and a few other ticketed and non-ticketed events, including the Canadian Premiere of Frenchy Dreams of Hashish, followed by two days of learning and networking opportunities for those cultivation industry:

  • Speakers – With more than 40 sessions featuring over 80 speakers, Grow Up brings together thought leaders from the industry for such hot topics as The Science of Hash, A Look at Sustainable Packaging, Quality Assurance for Micros, Approaches to Pests and Pathogens and more. See the full list of speakers here:
  • Cannabis Science Symposium – The Cannabis Science Symposium is a new one-day event designed to showcase the latest research and development, plus cutting-edge topics in the cannabis industry. Hear top doctors and professors discuss advances in cultivation, nutrients, plant growth and disease control.
  • Seed Exchange – In its first-ever seed exchange, Grow Up brings together coveted breeders and phenohunters Tuesday, Sept.13. In addition to education around flower, seeds and extracts, all registered delegates will receive packages of feminized seeds, donated by 4Plants Canada, to swap during the exchange, in addition to any seeds delegates bring themselves. This unique offering will allow breeders to exchange seeds live on the show floor.
  • Cannabis Cup – In the Boveda Consumption Lounge, the Grow Up Cannabis Cup brings in some of the best flower and hash in Canada. Live flower judging takes place Sunday, Sept. 11, with hash judging Monday, Sept. 12. Winners will be announced at the Grow Up Awards Monday, Sept. 12.
  • The Grow Up onsite Consumption Lounge offers a great opportunity to connect with other delegates, and will provide professional education and sensory experiences through sampling.
  • Canadian Premiere: Frenchy Dreams of HashishA documentary exploring the Master Hashish and Grow Up Hall of Fame inductee Frenchy Cannoli and a small group of Emerald Triangle cannabis farmers in Northern California, Frenchy Dreams of Hashish screens on Sept. 11. The film follows the group as they try to reintroduce traditional hashish to the public, amplify their ethos of sustainable farming and prove their dedication to quality sun-grown cannabis. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Cannoli’s window, Kimberly Hooks.

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