Hallo’Weed: 4 tips to celebrate the spooky season


By Sheldon Smith

Hallows’ Eve is upon us, and so is spooky season! Full of goblins and ghouls, Halloween is one of the most anticipated days of the year, and now you can make the festivities cannabis-friendly, fun, and responsible for all.

The team at Canadian Evergreen presents to you some tips and tricks to ensure safety for yourself and others this Halloween, as well as some costumes to wear. And perhaps you can find a fun cannabis-themed event around your area, too.

With COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, make sure wherever you go and whatever you do has safety protocols in place, is in well ventilated, socially distanced, clean and organized and the opportunity to be outdoors.

1. Edibles and snacks:

Treats and snack are a staple of Halloween. Head on over to an LP, get your favourite strain and/or oil, and whip up some brownies and other tasty treats and snacks, such as roasted pumpkin seeds after you’ve finished carving a pumpkin. Perhaps a cannabis pumpkin spice latte?

Edibles are delicious snacks to have around, such as chocolate covered peanut butter truffles, chocolate chip cookies, lollipops, and many other delectable treats.

Be sure to properly label and make known what treats have cannabis in them. As always, be safe with edibles, as they take time to kick in after ingesting, so be sure to monitor dosing.

Note that if alcohol will be present, it can intensify the effects of cannabis. Make sure to know your limits and enjoy both responsibly.

2. Being in good company:

Halloween is a fun day for many who fully embrace the day, its culture and history. It is one the best nights of the year. People are in creative costumes and feeling spooky.

With the right environment, everyone involved can have a good time. Having a safe and comfortable atmosphere for people goes a long way to ease people’s minds.

Maybe take in some fresh air and walk around the neighbourhood to see whose yard is all done up for Halloween and maybe check out some haunted houses. Maybe you could watch some cannabis-themed movies. You can also make your favourite Halloween playlist to get people in the mood! Monster Mash, anyone?

3. Accessorize:

From pipes to bongs (maybe a pumpkin bong?) to flavoured papers, and vape pens, it’s nice to offer and have some variety for people to consume. A fun addition to the evening could be having some Halloween roach clips.

4. Costumes:

When you think of cannabis in pop culture, what characters and cannabis enthusiasts come to mind? Jay and Silent Bob? The Dude? Raul Duke? Bob Marley? Cheech and Chong? Towelie? Rihanna? Nancy Botwin? There are so many fun characters and people to dress up as to fully embrace the day.

Halloween is a day that many look forward to all year long, and is rich with history and lore. With cannabis involved, it can make for a memorable day and event for all. Be safe, be smart, be creative and funky, and most of all, have fun.

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