Here’s a luxe look at cannabis

These are some of the creations by Ben Brow (Browski), who specializes in crafting borosilicate glass. (Browski via Instagram)

With the legalization of cannabis, many brands began looking at the businesses opportunities that presented – including the new products these potential new consumers might want.

Although high-quality smoking pieces have been around for years, with legalization brands started taking the idea of luxury cannabis to a whole new level.

In the past, the luxury cannabis scene featured hand-blown bongs and rigs either from top global brands such as Illadelph or Roor, or from established local glass-blowing artists.

Many hand-blown concentrate rigs are as much works of art just as they are smoking devices and will often cost thousands.

In Greater Vancouver, for example, artists such as Browski and Jay Eckardt produce and sell numerous pieces, etching themselves into the luxury cannabis market while doing something they love.

More recently, those looking to add a little luxe to life can look beyond glassware and to the product itself.

From special Japanese eye drops to vegan organic cannabis concentrates, like the wine industry before it, cannabis companies are catering to users looking for quality products that complement their personal style or speak to their values.

Sophisticated accessories that look good – and last

Like fine furnishings or technology, a significant part of the luxury cannabis market involves high-quality products that will be used, will look good and will hold up.

Accessories such as hand-made wood rolling trays, custom ashtrays, a cannabis-specific humidor, or even a solid gold roach clip lend a level of functional sophistication previously seen among the whisky and cigar crowd.

While these kinds of products may enhance your cannabis experience, other consumers may choose to spend a little extra on cannabis itself.

With growers constantly developing strains, it’s no surprise that some are a cut above the rest.

This may be down to the THC level, the parent strains, the method of processing if it’s a concentrate, or how the plant is grown – organically, for example, indoors or outdoors, and more.

If you’re looking to elevate your cannabis experience, you have choices!