New strains, new flavours and … ice water hash?

New products hitting the market in Canada this fall include Lord Jones’ new Hash Fusions pre-rolls and Fruit Bites edibles from Jublee.

Adding to the wondrous sea of post-legalization products available for you and yours at your local “dispo,” the last few months of the year have brought two new strains of cannabis from Tweed, “ice water hash” from Lord Jones, a product category brand new to this “experienced” writer, and for my health-conscious stoners, a fusion of superfoods and cannabis in a brand-new edible.

With so much to unpack, let’s dive right in…

Fruit bites

Quebec-based producer Jublee is launching their new Fruit Bites edibles in four “superfoods” flavours. Absolutely nailing the centre of a venn diagram of both health-conscious, superfoods-enjoying consumers and edible-enjoying stoner types, these fruit bites are vegan, allergen-free, gluten-free and contain no added sugar.

Jublee has launched its line of Fruit Bites edibles in four “superfoods” flavours.

The tasty bites come with 10mg of THC and 20mg of CBD in the flavours Apple and Matcha, Apricot and Reishi, Cherry and Cocoa, or Blueberry and Lavender, with the last made using wild Canadian blueberries. Find Jublee’s fruit bites currently available in several regions across Canada, including Yukon, Northwest Territory, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland-Labrador and Quebec.

A hash bath

Now, on to the ice water hash, and the seemingly sacrilege practice of getting your weed soaking wet.

Ice water hash uses carefully sized filter bags to sift material down to a level of microns, or, thousandths of a millimetre, to separate the trichomes from the cannabis flower. Filter bags – think cheesecloth – are layered in descending filter sizes into a large bucket with the finest filter size at the bottom, then ice and cannabis are alternately layered over top until the bucket is almost full, leaving enough room to be able to stir the melted mixture.

After roughly 20 minutes, the trichomes become brittle enough to separate from the flowers. After straining the unwanted plant material out, plus some more stirring, and a little bit of rinsing, comes the ever-important drying process. Afterwards, you’re hopefully left with a fantastic product, typically in the range of 30 to 60 per cent THC, for your dab rig, sprinkled on top of a bowl, or for your vaporizer.

Lord Jones’ new Hash Fusions pre-rolls, taps into a cool new concentrate: ice water hash.

Launching their first product in Canada, Lord Jones is offering their new Hash Fusions pre-rolls, containing this cool new concentrate: ice water hash. A new entry into the premium cannabis pre-roll category, these joints are advertised to have “an optimized ratio of premium high-potency flower and complementary solventless ice water hash,” to preserve the terpenes.

Look for “White Tahoe OG Flower x White Tahoe OG Ice Water Hash” and “Cosmic Kush Flower x Platinum GMO Ice Water Hash,” both in the 35 to 40 per cent THC range and fitted with a reusable ceramic tip to cool the smoke – find them in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, PEI, Saskatchewan this month, and in Ontario, Newfoundland and New Brunswick by early 2024.

Roll this way

Roll your way into the new year with two new cannabis strains from Tweed.

“Gorilla Berry” is an expertly curated, complicated combination of the strains “Frosted Kush” combined with “Gorilla,” and “Triangle Kush” combined with “Blueberry” lineage. Advertised as “the perfect complement to any festive adult celebration,” Gorilla Berry is an indica strain offering a top-tier flavour profile of berry and citrus, with a gassy aroma. Be warned – it’s also strong, with between 28 to 34 per cent THC.

On the other side of the flower game, the second new strain from Tweed is the sativa “Chemiscle,” derived from a combination of the strains “91K” and “Chemdawg.” Offering a creamy, spicy and earthy flavour profile and aroma, the strong sativa is sure to get your creative juices flowing, coming in at between 24 to 30 per cent THC.

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