Secret compartments and cheeky containers: Creative ways to store cannabis

A mason jar provides just enough air to your buds to keep humidity levels optimal, ensuring cannabinoids and terpenes don’t dry out, but what if you need a more subtle way to stash your stash?

Listen, if you want to know the best way to store cannabis, most experts agree: keep it in a cool dark place. A mason jar provides just enough air to your buds to keep humidity levels optimal, ensuring cannabinoids and terpenes don’t dry out. Put that mason jar in a dark cupboard and you’re all set.

But what about the most hilarious way to store cannabis?

Canadian legalization means there’s no shame in storing your weed in the open, but you may still have reason to keep it away from children, mooching roommates or snooping guests. Or maybe you just like a little thrill and secrecy as part of your pre-toke ritual. Who are we to judge?

6 Silly ways to store your stash

Many companies make storage containers out of old aluminum cans, complete with secret screw-top lids. Photo courtesy

1. Inside a soda pop can

Pick your poison: Dr. Pepper, Pepsi or Monster Energy Drink; online retailers have turned all of them into secret storage containers. You’ll love the realistic appearance and convenient screw top for easy access, but just be careful. These fake cans look awfully realistic, and we’d hate to see your stash get accidentally recycled.

2. Spice jar

You keep your oregano and basil in the spice drawer, what’s one extra herb? Glass spice jars have the added benefit of actually preserving the aromas and oils of your favourite cannabis strain for a consistently smooth smoke. Just please, please label your jars accurately so you don’t grab the wrong herb by mistake.

3. Air vent wall safe

For a hint of James Bond or Mission Impossible, follow these DIY instructions to install a hidden compartment in your wall. From the outside, it looks like an ordinary air vent. Pop it open, and there’s enough space for your stash, a pipe, papers, a lighter and other essentials.

A vintage style pill bottle keeps your cannabis safe in the medicine cabinet, out of reach of children. Photo courtesy

4. The medicine cabinet

Use an old pill bottle or pick up a vintage pill box to keep your marijuana safe, then tuck it in the bathroom cabinet with your other medicine. Particularly convenient if you typically use your cannabis for medicinal purposes like pain or nausea relief. If you’re looking for something a little more stealthy than a simple jar, slip a couple joints into this hairbrush.

5. On the bookshelf

It’s classic, and classy. The oldest trick in the book. And with these instructions, a bit of glue and a sharp utility knife, you too can turn any book into a secret storage compartment for cannabis. But for the sake of book lovers everywhere, choose wisely when you’re selecting a book to cut into pieces.

6. At your hip

Just like Han Solo in Star Wars or the hero in your favourite spy novel, you can wear a smuggler’s belt to keep that most prized of possessions close at all times. Comfortable, discrete, and useful to keep your pants up, these belts have a secret compartment on the inner lining for carrying precious cargo. Use it for carrying cash when you’re travelling overseas, and use it for carrying cannabis when you’re taking a walk around the neighbourhood.

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