Smoking accessories that double as artwork? When art meets function, magic happens!

Vancouver-based West Coast Gifts’ Red Eye Glass is one of the most widely recognized glass pipe brands on the market. West Coast Gifts photo

Designers know that the best pieces unite both form and function. After all, the most practical furnishing or accessory in the world will go unloved if we’re not happy to see it.

Glass and ceramic artists are proving the same is true for our favourite weed accessories. These talented creators offer a variety of beautiful smoking accessories that are works of art in their own right – and who doesn’t love functional artwork?

Here are a few of our favourite ways to take your smoke game to a new level this year and upgrade your equipment to suit your personality and your lifestyle.

Inspired design Canada Puffin

First up are these stunning Canadian-made smoking accessories from Canada Puffin. Designed with user experience, aesthetics and easy-cleaning in mind, Canada Puffin offers five different options for how you consume your product.

Crafted from borosilicate glass and Canadian maple wood, the accessories take inspiration from Canadian heritage and culture. Designed with the intention of reshaping the general public’s perception of smoking and smoke-ware, Canada Puffin products are a beautiful example of functional, usable art.

In addition to their five smoking devices Canada Puffin also offers beautiful solutions for preparing and storing your weed as well. Products come packaged in equally lovely red, satin lined gift boxes that make gifting these elegant smoking accessories a breeze.

Personality plus: Ojinika Glass

Seeking something truly unique or unusual? This Salt Spring Island, B.C.-based glass blower has taken creative, artistic smoking devices to an entirely new level.

These bright, colourful glassworks are truly one-of-a-kind and bursting with personality! From narwhals to pineapples and just about everything in between, Ojinika Glass offers a little bit of everything, and if you don’t see quite what you had in mind, you can always inquire about a custom glass creation!

Home of Red Eye Glass: West Coast Gifts

If you’re familiar with 420 culture you likely know Cheech and Chong. The Vancouver-based West Coast Gifts is the only 420 accessory brand to get the duo’s official stoner stamp of approval and that’s good enough for us! As Canada’s largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of award-winning smoking accessories, their wide variety of unique products includes eight of their own in-house designed brands.

West Coast Gifts founder Howard ‘H’ Franklin stumbled upon the magic of colour-changing glass pipes in the early 1990s while following American rock band The Grateful Dead across North America. Knowing he’d found something truly unique, ‘H’ created Red Eye Glass, now one of the most widely recognized glass pipe brands on the market.

And for those OG stoners, you’ll also find an exclusive Cheech and Chong collection of pipes, bongs, and other licensed merchandise available at and in a variety of dispensaries across North America.

Vancouver-based West Coast Gifts is the only 420 brand to get Cheech and Chong’s official stoner stamp of approval. West Coast Gifts photo

Wandering Bud

TikTok sensation Wandering Bud has taken the clock app by storm with their beautiful and discreet creations.

If you’re looking for something a little less obvious but still incredibly functional to improve your user experience, check out Wandering Bud’s collection of handmade ceramic smoke-ware. If you didn’t know what you were looking at, you’d likely never guess the purpose of these tasteful, elegantly crafted smoking accessories.

Designing smoking accessories to be displayed with zero concern for who sees them on your shelf, this small team of Kansas City artists has truly mastered the art of discretion! Offering two different styles of water pipes and three styles of dry pipes along with a variety of other accessories, the biggest challenge you’ll face is choosing what to keep for yourself and what to gift to your favourite smoking buddies!

@wanderingbud Replying to @._.inactive0 smooth experience, durable, fits perfectly in hand, easy to clean, doubles as art for the home. Not mentioned in the video – handmade, woman owned, small business, sustainable, ethically produced. #flowervase #plantlover #handmadevase #handmadeceramics #ceramictutorial ♬ original sound – Wandering Bud

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