Tea, tropicals and lemon meringue: New & notable on the Canadian cannabis scene

What’s brewing on the Canadian cannabis scene? A lot, it seems, beginning with Solei’s new cannabis-infused cold brew teas

Promising “refreshing elevation in every sip,” with flavours like Peach Cranberry and Wildberry Hibiscus, the 355ml, ready-to-drink cold brews from Tilray’s premium cannabis wellness brand, Solei, are non-carbonated and embrace a moderate elevation that’s mildly sweet.

Leaning into cold brew teas, Solei continues to expand its beverage lineup following the success of its first-ever ready-to-drink infused beverage line featuring Mango Passionfruit and Dragonfruit Watermelon Sparkling CBD beverages, along with last year’s initial launch of its hot tea collection, including the beloved Lavender Chamomile CBN tea, and most recent fall tea editions with a spotlight on seasonal classics such as Chai Rooibos, with high CBN content.

Solei’s newly launched cold brew teas are produced with a black tea base and blended with real fruit juice to create a refreshing fizz-free experience. The two new refreshing flavours include:

  • Peach Cranberry: Made with refreshing peach and cranberry juice blended with a black tea base and elevated with a 5mg THC and 10mg CBG infusion.
  • Wildberry Hibiscus: Wildberry Hibiscus Cold Brew Teas are made with refreshing wild berries and hibiscus juice blended with a black tea base and elevated with a 5mg THC and 10mg CBD infusion.

* * * * *

Welcome spring with new tropicals

Cannabis-infused beverage fans have a few new tropical offerings to test out from Aurora Cannabis that will get anyone excited to be finishing the cold winter months!

First launched exclusively for patients looking for alternative forms of cannabis support, these now publicly available drinks are designed to deliver on taste, potency and choice.

From parent company Aurora, the first two drinks are launched from the brand “Vacay,” Strawberry Pineapple Tropical Soda and Pineapple Coconut Tropical Fizz, both 3:1 hybrid beverages with 2 to 3mg of THC and 6.4 to 8.6mg of CBD. Whether you’re after the sweet, tart, strawberry flavour, or the beach-worthy coconut combination, these tropical pineapple beverages will have you dreaming of paradise and are a welcome addition to the line-up of infused beverage options.

Also new from the Aurora team is the new cannabis-infused, caffeinated beverage, Neon Rush, launched from their “Versus” brand. Described as a delicious hybrid carbonated beverage infused with lemon-lime flavour and 30mg of caffeine Neon Rush features 8.5-10mg THC and 1mg CBD.

* * * * *

Oils, edibles and … Lemon Meringue Pie

Canopy Growth is also launching a suite of new cannabis products, this time perfect for those who like everything other than infused beverages.

First, under their Tweed brand, is a series of edible products in infused cannabis-oils and softgels featuring CBD, CBN and CBG. Their newly formulated oil comes as either CBD:CBG 4:1 Oil with 100 mg/g CBD and 25 mg/g CBG or as CBD:CBN 4:1 Oil, with 100 mg/g CBD and 25 mg/g CBN, with both available in 30ml bottles.

For those who prefer the softgels, Tweed CBD:CBG 6:1 with each gel containing 60 mg of CBD and 10 mg CBG; a second option features 60 mg of CBD and 10 mg CBN, a win for anyone favouring the portability and convenience of softgel products.

Also launched from Tweed is their new sativa Lemon Meringue Pie flower, served fresh in 28g portions. Derived from the Lemon Skunk and Cookies ‘n’ Cream lineage, it features terpenes a-Pinene, Myrcene and Limonene and boasts lemon, citrus and nutty vanilla aromas. Even better, the Canada-grown, hang-dried cannabis from Kincardine, Ont. comes in with a 23 to 29 per cent THC range and is ideal for those consumers not wanting to compromise quality for quantity.

The last product to highlight is from Spectrum Therapeutics but is exclusive to medical cannabis customers. Adding to its Spectrum Reserve collection, the new Alien Breath hybrid pre-rolled joints pack comes in a 0.5g x 10 large pack of pre-rolls with a 22 to 28 per cent THC range.

The hybrid flower boasts a flavour profile of berry, fruity, nutty, sour, and chemical notes deriving from its Alien Breath lineage crossed with a mix of Gorilla Glue #4 with Mendo Breath.

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