Terpenes: A shallow, non-technical discussion of what they are and what they do

Ok, what are terpenes:

Terpenes are molecules that affect aroma and taste in some plants, and are said to have various effects on cannabis users, depending on what terpenes are prominent in a particular strain of marijuana.

Hmm. Sounds complicated:

You already know a lot about terpenes. Take limonene, for example. It’s a molecular combination that gives lemons their distinctive smell. And Pinene — that’s found in rosemary, dill, and, no surprise, pine!

Wait a minute: I can get high off of lemon-scent? That’s not the case

Terpenes act in the body as plant based therapeutic agents that act in the same way as essential oils, interacting in the body with cell membranes, ion channels, and receptors to produce a variety of body and mind effects, but they don’t interact in the body in a way that will get you high. The effects from terpenes include things such as anti-anxiety and anti-depressive properties (limonene), anti-convulsant and pain relief (linalool), and sedating and muscle relaxing effects (β-myrcene).

OK. Now I’m interested. What else can terpene profiles predict?

Well, this is where the marketing and product magic mixes. Some terpene profiles are said to be good at energizing, others are uplifting, some claim to boost focus, creativity, more make you more calm and restful.