Reefer Rifs: Our 10-song cannabis playlist

A woman walks past a mural depicting reggae music icon Bob Marley painted on the rolling shutter of a Tobacconist shop in Rome, Thursday, Nov. 28, 2018. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

By Ryan Hook

There’s something about enjoying a joint while vibing to a good tune.

Canadian Evergreen has reviewed the best reefer rifs to have you jammin’ out in no time.

1. Easy Skankin’ – Bob Marley

It’d be hard not to mention the king of reggae music first. Bob Marley brought the conversation around pot, politics, and Rastafarianism to popular culture, along with some killer music. ‘Easy Skankin’ is the sweet sound of a man who needs to unwind and light a spliff. The weight of the world can all be a little much sometimes, I’m sure we can all agree, and even someone like Bob Marley needs to relax.

2. Because I Got High – Afroman

This man built his music career on a weed empire … his songs … they’re about weed. If you’re a lazy stoner looking to put your feet up, watch movies, eat snacks, and just slide on by in life, Afroman is your prophet.

3. Got To Get You Into My Life – The Beatles

Surprised? Us too. But ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’ from Revolver was Paul McCartney’s love song to weed. Revolver was the psychedelic-becoming album for the Beatles and this song cements that road for the Fab Four.

4. You Don’t Know How it Feels – Tom Petty

The kind-of cannabis song that matures well, ‘You Don’t Know How it Feels’ is the perfect laid-back Petty tune for a sweet summer’s whiskey and joint. Also, a great road trippin’ song!

5. Hits from the Bong – Cypress Hill

It’s weird and wonderful, it’s Cypress Hill. If you were to die on a cannabis hill, you’d probably die on a Cypress Hill. A perfect song for that blend of anxiety-ridden and giggly high that only a strong sativa brings.

6. Smoke Two Joints – Sublime

This would be the soundtrack song to your first toke. Sublime is to weed like trucks are to Tim McGraw.

7. Burn One Down – Ben Harper

This light-hearted song by folk/roots artist Ben Harper feels like a song you’ve known your whole life. With a distinct djembe (drum) intro and lyrics that speak to the natural benefits of the herb.

8. The Joker – Steve Miller Band

Together with my weed-smoking partner in crime, Burns, this song was a gaggle of fun, especially the “midnight toker” part.

9. Little Green Bag – George Baker Trio

A staple to Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, with a bassline so punchy if it was a person you’d have a black eye, this song blends the paranoia and fun of cannabis like a good hybrid.

10. America’s Most Blunted – MF DOOM/Madvillian

In honour of the passing of MF Doom, this tune earns the coveted 10th spot, MF DOOM’s voice is cutting, distinct and mixed in with a litany of fun samples. Pair that with the weed reference and you’ve got yourself a great cannabis track. Check it!

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