3 reasons to ditch the booze and give a THC-infused bevvy a try

The cannabis beverage industry has exploded in recent years, meaning your options are virtually endless. Here’s a look at some recent favourites from here in Canada.

Tick, tock… only a few weeks left of summer! It’s time to send your social plans into overdrive and make the most of long days and warm nights while you can! From barbecues to camping under the stars, Canadians know how to get the most out of the few warm, dry months that we have.

And while our summer activities have remained much the same, the opportunities to cut loose nowadays have received a major upgrade as more Canadians ditch their boozy beverages and instead pack their coolers with THC-infused refreshments!

Refreshing and delicious: First and foremost, they’re delicious! The cannabis beverage industry has exploded and your options are virtually endless. From soda pop flavours to lemonades, fruit punches and even lighter more floral flavours, you’re sure to find something to appease every palette.

Keeping it light: Second, your back will thank you for lightening your backpack and coolers. While many adults may need 3+ alcoholic beverages to feel a ‘buzz’, THC drinks pack a punch and most adults are going to be chilling after just one and likely ‘vibing’ for at least a few hours afterwards, meaning you can pack light but still have a great time.

Hangovers are so 2008: Last but certainly not least! Say goodbye to hangovers! Yup probably one of the most appealing aspects of THC beverages is that they don’t have you regretting your life choices the next morning…at least not in the hangover department. While it’s always advisable to “start low and go slow,” once you figure out whether 5mg or 10mg drinks are your ‘sweet-spot’ you can best your beer-drinking buddies in the morning when you wake up fresh as a daisy.

Señorita, a THC-infused beverage. Second Nature photo

If you’ve been eyeing the beverage selection at your local canna-shop but are unsure where to start, here are five favourite THC beverage brands to try this summer!

  • Sweet Justice: From soda pop classics to refreshing floral flavours, if you’re new to the THC beverage game you simply can’t go wrong with Sweet Justice. They carry seven popular flavours including a classic OG Cola, Ginger Ale, Cherry Cola and a delightfully refreshing Elderflower Pom that is just about impossible not to like. If you’re seeking a safe bet on flavour then Sweet Justice is exactly what you’ve been looking for!
  • Senorita: Looking for something more reminiscent of a cocktail? Senorita is unique in the sense that it’s undeniably similar to a lime margarita, with all the bite you’d expect. It’s one of the only THC beverages to try to replicate a popular alcohol-based cocktail and certainly worthy of bringing along to your next summer barbecue.
  • Collective Project: Offering a wide range of delicious fruity flavours, the peeps at the Collective Project offer a little something for everyone. Their beverages utilize fresh fruit juices and quality cannabis emulsions and are designed to take you from zero to chill in under 20 minutes. If you’re seeking something refreshing but not overly sweet give their Day Tripper Raspberry & Vanilla beverage a try. The perfect drink to sip while lakeside on your next camping adventure!
  • Hytn: Do the words zero calorie and sugar-free get your heart racing in anticipation? Then Hytn is the canna-beverage of your dreams. These sparkling water-type beverages offer gentle fruit and floral notes that are sure to make La Croix, Bubly and San Pellegrino lovers cry THC-infused tears of joy.
  • Summit 10: Iced tea and lemonade fans will enjoy A1 Cannabis’s Summit 10 series, featuring four popular flavours: a classic ice tea; lemonade ice tea; peach lemonade; and a delicately flavoured raspberry lemonade.

So? Have you made the switch yet?

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