New cannabis beverages hit the Canadian market to meet rising demand

Truss Beverage Co. is offering 15 new cannabis-infused beverages for the summer.

Are you looking for something new in cannabis-infused beverages to sip while enjoying the warm summer months?

Canadian beverage companies Truss Beverage Co. and Entourage Health Corp. are both introducing new product lines to meet the growing demand for cannabis-infused drinks.

Truss is significantly expanding its portfolio with 15 new cannabis beverages for summer, based on consumer-driven insights for lower sugar and more high-dose beverages.

“When developing our offerings, we tapped into summer beverage trends and formats that are already familiar to consumers,” says Lori Hatcher, Head of Commercial at Truss Beverage Co. “The Little Victory Celtzer is a cannabis-infused (non-alcoholic) twist on the classic summer seltzer with zero sugar and zero calories, while the new additions to the Bedfellows portfolio were inspired by traditional radlers, pale-ales and sours, and are the first of their kind in Canada.”

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Entourage Health has also announced the Canadian debut of a new line of cannabis-infused ice tea beverages: ‘TeaPot.’ The beverage is being crafted in partnership with The Boston Beer Company, maker of iconic, high-quality brands such as Samuel Adams, Truly Hard Seltzer and Twisted Tea.

“We congratulate our partners at The Boston Beer Company on the exciting launch of TeaPot – a unique iced tea crafted with natural flavours and infused with our most distinguished cultivars that we expect will land as the best cannabis-infused beverages in Canada,” says George Scorsis, CEO and Executive Chairman, Entourage.

According to recent report from Headset Retail Data, the Canadian cannabis-infused beverage market share has increased by nearly 850 percent since 2020, making it nearly twice the size of the size of the U.S. cannabis beverage market.

“Consumers are looking for other adult-beverage options to alcohol, particularly for social occasions, and are turning to cannabis beverages as a great alternative,” said Dave Schlosser, President and CEO of Truss Beverage Co. “With many eager to get out and socialize this summer, this is a critical time for the category and we’re excited to see where it takes the business.

Truss Beverage Co. will continue to release new products at authorized local cannabis stores and online retailers, with product availability differing per province.

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