Get the most of your toke: Tips for recreational cannabis use

(Pixabay photo)

By Ryan Hook

Humans have a tendency to become dependant. Whether it’s your morning coffee, your social media, or your cannabis-use, we are creatures of habit. But there’s a fine line between healthy and unhealthy habits. So, here are a few tips to consciously use recreational cannabis.


Cannabis has a variety of strains. Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains each have a unique effect. Are you looking to sleep? Try Indica. Do you want energy? Sativa helps. Are you looking for a bit of both? Try a Hybrid. Know what you’re getting and find what works best for you.


Your belief going into smoking cannabis changes what it means. Cannabis has the reputation of a “party” drug, but it’s also heavily rooted in spirituality. In Rastafarianism, ganja is a sacrament used to gain wisdom and engage in meditation. Try approaching your next toke like this.


Cannabis exacerbates the effect of alcohol. If you’re mixing the two, tread lightly. If you start small, you can always have more – start big and you have nowhere left to go. Be thoughtful and party smart.


If you choose to smoke cannabis you should know it does affect your lungs. Check out cannabis gummies. With a variety of flavours and doses, gummies give you the benefits of cannabis without the harm from smoking it.

Cannabis is a psychoactive plant medicine, a therapy, and a hobby. While it can have its adverse effects, learning good habits will help you see its true potential for you.

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