Hub Shop launches online medical cannabis marketplace

Hub Shop, an Ottawa-based online medical cannabis marketplace has taken their online platform live.

Hub Shop Inc., an online medical cannabis marketplace that helps cannabis patients access their medicine in a safe and speedy manner, this week announced their online platform is officially live.

Aiming to provide patients with consistently superior quality in everything from CBD oil and Indica to Sativa flower, the Ottawa-based company wants to simplify the process of obtaining medical cannabis.

“The medicinal potential of the cannabis plant has been woefully under-utilized in modern medicine,” said Hub Shop founder Richard Hughes. “After I underwent larynx cancer radiation in 2017, I was in such immense pain that I could not work – until I discovered CBD and THC cannabinoids. I was able to regain my strength, sleep, appetite, and I am now cancer-free today.”

Hughes was astounded by the lack of medical cannabis marketplace options years ago when only a few reputable sources were available for medical cannabis. The sites were overly confusing, inspiring him to organize a team dedicated to providing accessible and top quality cannabis and related products to all Canadians.

To use Hub Shop, individuals must complete the online form and book a video consultation with Coverleaf Clinic. Once the medical document is approved by a Coverleaf health practitioner, the patient can register as a Hub Shop customer. They can then shop a variety of medical cannabis products in a fraction of the typical time.

By working with Coverleaf healthcare practitioners directly, Hub Shop assists customers in obtaining the medical approval required by arranging virtual telehealth consultations.