Online index helps doctors, patients look past strain name of medical cannabis products

The digital platform allows Canadians to access expert recommendations from multiple devices (CNW Group/Reformulary Group)

Reformulary Group has launched a new standard index, which it hopes will provide objective data for Canadians when comparing various medical cannabis products.

“We want to help patients, and their doctors make sense of medical cannabis, so we worked with a group of experts to develop a standardized classification system as is the norm with prescription and over-the-counter drugs, but designed explicitly for cannabinoid-based medicine,” Helen Stevenson, founder and CEO of Reformulary Group, said in a statement.

“The Cannabis Standard Index makes it possible for patients and healthcare professionals to search and compare cannabis products and to determine which are similar or interchangeable.”

Through the online index, doctors and their patients will be able to compare composition, format and form – rather than strain name – across every licensed producer in the country.

There currently is no industry standards for the naming of strains, which can insinuate different levels of cannabinoids, or CBD.

The aim of the index is to be a reliable guide in prescribing medical cannabis, the Reformulary Group said, including for when a patient wants to change their product type or when their usual strain runs out.

The Index is the latest addition to Cannabis Standard, an ecosystem of expert recommendations, patient-powered tools and independent information to help Canadians and healthcare professionals make smarter, more informed decisions about medical cannabis.

To check out the index, click here.

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