This edible is so cool it’s frozen

NectarBee icicles are distributed in Colorado. (Contributed Photo)

Talk about the potential for brain freeze!

One of Colorado’s largest cannabis brands is taking summer head-on by producing THC-infused freezies (they call them icicles down south).

Made by The Green Solution, which has 21 dispensaries across Colorado, this new way to get rocky mountain high is designed to stabilize moods, reduce stress and alleviate pain.

They each contain 10 mg each of THC, and feature flavours such as cherry or grape.

S0, we couldn’t resist, and we checked out TGS’s website. Here’s how they describe the grape product:

“A great choice if you need to stabilize your mood, reduce stress or alleviate pain. We always strive to create the best tasting products with the most accurate dosage, and our Grape Icicles are no exception. Recommended for anyone who desires the potent effects of an Indica, but does not feel the urge to smoke.”