Celebrate 4/20 by growing your own cannabis – here’s how to get started

Baby cannabis plant in soil. (Pixabay.com)

By Ryan Hook

Growing cannabis seems daunting, but like any other plant, you can grow it simply and effectively.

Canadians are allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants per residence for personal use from licensed seeds, pending any restrictions laid by a municipality or strata.

There are two ways to grow weed: hydroponically or with soil. A hydroponic system is a more sustainable setup, but it requires more attention to detail.

Below I detail the basics, the materials, and the know-how to grow a simple soil setup.

The Basics: Sun, Soil, and Space

If you have any experience with growing tomatoes or corn, growing cannabis is quite similar.

You need a good space to grow your cannabis – a space with either good sun exposure or space for LED lights. You’ll need the space for one or more planters or pots.

During the course of the plant’s growth, you’ll water it – like any other plant. If you’re growing it outside, that’s great, cannabis naturally does that. But if you’re in colder climates and still want to grow outside, think about a greenhouse.

Tip: Avoid Miracle-Gro or “extended-release” nutrient soils. They produce lesser yields.

Keep in mind, soil-grows take patience!

The Materials: Seeds and Tools

Seeds: there are a variety of seeds available in-store or online. Choose what best suits you!

Soil: the soil you use, determines the yields you get. You can try a nutrient-dense soil like this or a cheaper option like this. You can ball out further and get this.

Thermometer: In the vegetation stage, you want your plants in a room of 20C – 30C. During the flowering – between 18C – 26C. Cannabis, like people, prefers a certain temperature and humidity. Get a thermometer!

Growing Container: You’ll need a container for a variety of reasons, but to give you an idea of what to look for, you’ll want something that keeps your soil moist, has good drainage and protects the plant from temperature fluctuation.

LED Lights: LED lights make sure your plants are happy and healthy. Lights like this can be great for yields. Check out this website to get a better idea of what you’d like and can afford.

The Know-How: Knowledge and Patience

The thing about growing your own cannabis is that it takes patience. Things may go wrong. Just try to stick to these core guidelines:

• Keep your plants moist.

• Keep them at a humid temperature (between 18-20 degrees).

• Give them space.

Along with your plants, your knowledge and experience will grow too. Learning how to be adaptable and creative can help you out.

You are a student in the process!

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