Keeping your cannabis fresh, from flower to oils

The right container to store your cannabis is key to keeping it fresh. (

By Amber Rae Bouchard

Having a storage solution for your bud not only extends its shelf life but it also contributes to better flavor, aroma and smoke-ability – and there are a number of easy tips and factors that will help keep your green fresh.

First, choose the right container. Many people choose to store cannabis in glass jars, but a solid walled container will save your bud from the denaturing effects of UV rays. Try upcycling a tea canister for a thrifty option. If your chosen vessel does happen to be clear, stash it in a drawer or cupboard to keep it away from natural light.

Keep Bud Cool. High temperatures have been proven to dry out cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a harsh, dry profile that is unpleasant to consume. Choose the coolest place in your house, away from anything that is prone to temperature fluctuations.

Control Humidity. Consistency is king when it comes to relative humidity: too little and watch your bud disintegrate, too much and you face mold & mildew issues. Try a two-way moisture pack, sold in most dispensaries, or try adding an orange peel for a similar effect.

Freezing Cannabis. This option is really only recommended for long-term storage. Storing cannabis at lower temperatures slows the rate of deterioration and conversion of psychoactive THC to cannabinol, or CBN, which is a non-intoxicating compound created as cannabis ages. Vacuum seal before freezing to prevent moisture crystals from forming on the bud. Handle your frozen bud carefully, allowing it to thaw to room temperature before consuming.

Wondering how to store your CBD and THC oils?

On average, the shelf life of cannabis oils is approximately 14 to 24 months, depending on your storage solution. Many of the same principles apply to your oils as to your bud: low light, airtight storage, and consistent temperature and humidity are all key to keeping your oils fresh for consumption.

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