Comox Valley cannabis cultivation proposal passes third reading

Comox Valley Area Director Richard Hardy at the March public hearing. Connor McDowell/Comox Valley Record photo

Plans for a cannabis grow operation have passed third reading at the Comox Valley Regional District on northern Vancouver Island.

The Valley’s electoral area directors voted to pass third reading of Bylaw No. 813, which aims to rezone the property at 3960 Minto Rd. to allow for cannabis production.

A regional district report from September 2023 reads that the owner is applying to grow in the “micro-cultivation category which would allow up to 200 square metres of growing surface area.” This would be about 75 per cent the size of a tennis court.

The applicant aims to grow cannabis inside an existing building on the sprawling farm property, currently used to grow hay and graze beef cattle, and would repurpose only one building for the operation, according a regional district report.

Vocal neighbours from the nearby residential area “The Ridge” spoke out at a March public hearing, with some worried that byproducts of cannabis production would waft into their neighbourhood, which borders roughly 400 metres northeast.

A red marker shows the approximate location of a proposed small-scale grow operation for cannabis. Photo: Google Maps

A concerned neighbour told the Comox Valley Record they also worry that Roy Creek, which passes through the property, could be in danger of pollutants or byproducts.

Other members supported the plan. One such citizen vouched for the owner of the property, saying he trusted the operation would be handled properly.

The property rests just outside the border of Courtenay, roughly two kilometres south of Walmart at the Anfield Centre.

The bylaw now awaits approval from the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. At a later date, another Comox Valley vote will take place where elected officials consider adopting the bylaw in final.

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