Judge allows wrapper as evidence in New Brunswick cannabis cupcake court martial


A military judge has ruled that a cupcake wrapper that tested positive for the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana will be allowed as evidence in a court martial in New Brunswick.

Bombardier Chelsea Cogswell is accused of giving cannabis-laced cupcakes to a group of Canadian Armed Forces members taking part in a 2018 live-fire training exercise.

Her defence lawyer sought to have the wrapper excluded as evidence, arguing that the other wrappers were discarded through negligence and the remaining one is not an indication of what may have been found on the others.

Military Judge Cmdr. Sandra Sukstorf ruled that while military police could have done a better investigation, there’s no indication of negligence and they were never in possession of the other wrappers.

Outside the courtroom, an effort by Cogswell to make a statement to reporters was cut short by her lawyer.

The prosecution and defence are expected to deliver their closing arguments this afternoon.

The Canadian Press

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