Man ends up in front of B.C. judge after magic mushroom brownies end in domestic dispute


A 51-year-old B.C. man was given a conditional peace bond after a psilocybin-fueled domestic dispute with his partner.

According to a hearing at the courthouse in Grand Forks, B.C., the couple were camping on July 1 when – after putting their children to bed – they shared a plate of what they thought were brownies baked with cannabis.

The brownies had been prepared with what the Crown prosecutor said were “magic mushrooms,” to which the man “had a very strong reaction.”

Upset and confused, the psilocybin-addled man became agitated, throwing a beer can at his partner after their children had woken up.

Justice Robert Brown ordered the man to continue counselling and, noting that the couple were still pursuing a relationship, ordered the man to leave his partner’s presence if they should ask.

The man was ordered to pay a $100 bond guaranteeing his good behaviour for one year. He was not convicted of a crime so Canadian Evergreen will not be naming the man.

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