Meet Maven: New name for North Okanagan cannabis company

The True Leaf Campus in Lumby is an 18,000-square-foot facility designed and licensed to cultivate, process and sell cannabis. (File photo)

A North Okanagan cannabis company’s name change marks its transformation to a processor of craft cannabis.

True Leaf Brands has been re-branded to Maven Brands, CEO Darcy Bomford announced in a press release Oct. 28.

The proposed name change is subject to the approval of the Canadian Securities Exchange.

The company intends to roll out a new brand identity over the next few weeks.

“A ‘maven’ is an outstanding expert in their field, eager to share their knowledge and create positive change through new ideas,” Bomford said. “Over the past year, we’ve recruited a team of our own legacy market mavens to lead the company’s transition into the cannabis processing sector.”

Focused on alleviating the processing bottlenecks small producers face in BC, the company says it has built a program to provide a streamlined and cost-effective path to market for micro-cultivators and their products. The program will offer quality assurance, on-site microbial remediation, craft-compliant packaging and national distribution support from the company’s craft cannabis hub facility in Lumby.

“We’re embracing a partnership model that allows craft producers to focus on what they love while trusting in the support of industry professionals to realize their objectives in the regulated market. Our team of industry mavens will provide the regulatory guidance and services we believe micro-cultivators need to be successful in today’s cannabis retail market.”

The planned name change will not affect the company’s share structure; no action is required from shareholders.

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