No decision yet on second cannabis shop in Rossland

It’s still unknown if Mountain Pineapple will be allowed to operate a cannabis store in Rossland. File photo

It’s still uncertain if there will be a second cannabis shop in the near future in Rossland.

Mayor Kathy Moore said city council passed a motion June 15 to defer a decision on Mountain Pineapple, the proposed cannabis store, until more public input is received.

Moore said three previous motions put forward during the meeting failed because of the current number of councillors.

“This is one of the few times that having an empty council seat was a problem. We put forward three different motions on the cannabis shop and they were all split by our six councillors in a 3-3 decision,” said Moore.

“If we would’ve had seven council members, the issue would’ve been resolved.”

Scott Forsyth resigned from city council in January. While a by-election for his position was called for the seventh city council position, it had to be delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

A motion can’t be adopted if the vote is tied.

Moore said the failed motions put forward during the council meeting varied considerably.

“The first motion to follow staff recommendations and not permit the cannabis shop was defeated. The second motion to allow it was defeated,” said Moore. “Finally, the third motion to let the cannabis store operate with stipulations was defeated.”

Some of the stipulations put forward included not starting operations for 18 months to give the city’s first cannabis shop time to recover from COVID-19 and to reduce the proposed hours from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

If approved, Mountain Pineapple would operate at 2185 Columbia Ave.

Jimmy’s Cannabis Shop, Rossland’s first cannabis shop, started operations late last year.

It not known exactly when city council will revisit Mountain Pineapple’s application.

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