Set your sales a-blazing with expert Branded Cannabis Content from Black Press Media

Carmen Miller, front of house lead at Remedy Tulalip, shares his knowledge and passion for the wellness possibilities cannabis can offer.

Remedy Tulalip of Washington State is a repeat customer of Black Press Media’s Canadian-based cannabis branded content unit.

Well before legalization occurred in our country, Black Press Media’s Canadian-based Branded Content team was immersed in writing cannabis copy for high-profile pot retailers throughout the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

Indeed, Black Press Media’s sister papers in the United States have been at the forefront of cannabis advertising since retail cannabis stores became legal in Wasington state in 2014 and in some Californian cities in 2018.

Some of the Branded Content team’s current clients include Remedy Tulalip, Hashtag, Green Door, and many more.

Why? Because it works.

“Content marketing is a super important aspect of digital marketing,” says Andrew Franklin, vice-president of Black Press Media’s Canadian Digital Operations. “In an industry that’s so new in Canada, our expert writers already have years of experience in developing engaging cannabis content that resonates with consumers.”

There is demand for cannabis content marketing in Canada, and Black Press Media’s new series of age-gated cannabis websites is the perfect place for that content to be posted legally.

“We had to turn Canadian clients away in the past,” affirms Jennifer Blyth, the team’s top manager and head writer. “But all that has changed with West Coast Evergreen.”

What has Blyth’s team learned over the years? While we’re not going to give away all of our clickable secrets, here’s what the team does:

  • Ensures the piece has great, engaging images.
  • Bright, clickable headlines designed to pique a reader’s curiosity.
  • Sharp and engaging lead writing, so readers are propelled sentence-by-sentence through the story.
  • Embedded links, which are great for SEO.

A solid traffic generation plan through judicious posting on social media.

Speaking about calls to action, here’s your chance to take immediate steps to boost your business through Branded Content. Click here right now to contact a member of our marketing team to help set your sales ablaze.

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