Toronto conference celebrates women in the cannabis industry March 8

Radicle Femmes aims to celebrate and uplift women’s voices within the cannabis industry.

A Toronto event will mark Women’s International Day, March 8, by celebrating women in the cannabis industry.

Radicle Femmes aims to celebrate and uplift women’s voices that are sometimes forgotten. Organized by Marigold Marketing & PR, this event aims to address critical issues like access to funding and the under-representation of women in leadership roles within the cannabis industry.

Panel discussions and networking sessions will help foster business opportunities and dialogue around the advancements and challenges faced by women in the sector.

“I can’t believe we still need these events,” is tagged on the promotion poster, a sentiment that echoes the findings of the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, which notes that only 18 per cent of businesses in Canada are majority-owned by women.

“Women are underrepresented in leadership positions across many industries, including cannabis,” says Tanya Watkins, Vice President at the Ontario Cannabis Store, an event sponsor. “The OCS’s commitment to enabling a vibrant cannabis marketplace is tied to supporting a diverse and inclusive industry. We’re proud to sponsor Radicle Femmes, which celebrates the many contributions of women who continue pushing the legal cannabis industry forward.”

Radicle Femmes includes panel discussions on topics such as Women in Leadership, compliant marketing and brand-building and discussions on strategies for securing financial support. A networking luncheon will further offer attendees a chance to connect with peers and industry leaders in a relaxed setting.

Panel Discussions, from 10 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., include:

  • Women in Leadership – providing valuable insights and inspiration from accomplished women in leadership roles within the cannabis industry. The panel features Lucy Hu, Director of Refining Operations at Motif Labs, Sherry Boodram, CEO and Co-founder of CannDelta, Tanya Watkins, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Social Responsibility & Strategic Engagement at the OCS, and Trina Fraser, Partner at Brazeau Seller Law.
  • Compliant Marketing and Brand Building – exploring the fundamentals of brand building with insights from industry-leading marketers and influencers. The panel features Abi Roach, Strategic Advisor of Dope Brands Consulting, Allison Disney, U.S. Agency Lead at Sister Merci, Anna Li, also known as The Cannabinista, Cannabis Influencer and Content Creator, and Katie Pringle, CEO and Co-founder of Marigold PR.
  • Pathway to Funding is brought to you by The Panther Group and will delve into the challenges and opportunities for securing funding for cannabis-based businesses. Jordan Tritt, CEO and Founder will lead the presentation.

Lunch and Networking Session follows, 12:15 to 2 p.m. Attendance is limited to individuals aged 19 and above, with pre-registration required to ensure participation. For more information on the event and to register, click here.

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