Toys “R” Us took on Vancouver’s Herbs “R” Us. Guess who lost?

Herbs “R” Us has lost a court battle against Toys “R” Us. (Facebook image)

A Vancouver cannabis dispensary is going to need a new name and logo after losing a legal battle with retailer Toys “R” Us (Canada) Ltd.

A federal judge ruled Herbs “R” Us Wellness Society has used Toys R Us’s registered trademark in a way that damages the goodwill attached to it.

Toys “R” Us argued that Herbs “R” Us’s green logo with a cannabis leaf in the middle of the ‘r’ uses a similar font and arrangement of letters as the toy store.

Judge Nicholas McHaffie ruled Herbs “R” Us must destroy any goods, packages, labels and advertising material in its possession that bear the similar logo.

He ordered the dispensary to pay to Toys “R” Us $15,000 damages and $15,000 for the costs of its court application.

McHaffie’s ruling says Herbs “R” Us never responded to the application.