VIDEO: Ohio state trooper gives Heimlich to driver choking on bag of cannabis

Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper gives man Heimlich after trying to swallow bag of cannabis on July 7. (Screenshot)

A man who allegedly attempted to swallow a bag of cannabis during a traffic stop received the Heimlick maneuver by an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper – all caught on dashcam footage.

According to U.S. news outlets, the man had been stopped after being seen traveling 94 mph in a 70-mph zone.

Dash camera video posted to the Ohio State Police Twitter account shows Trooper Charles Hoskin asking if the driver could breathe before helping him out of the car and performing the Heimlich. The man expelled a bag of cannabis and can be seen apologizing as he sits on the ground.

Hoskin can be heard asking, “Do you want to die over a minor misdemeanor?”

The man was ticketed for speeding and failing to wear a seatbelt, media reports indicate, and has been given a summons to appear in court for cannabis possession.

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