Langford dispensary takes strides in sustainability for the cannabis industry

Aaron Miller, owner of Flight Cannabis Co., maintains a strong commitment to sustainability.

While our collective efforts toward environmental sustainability have grown significantly in recent years, we still have a long way to go. The cannabis industry is no exception.

And that’s precisely why Aaron Miller, owner of of Flight Cannabis Co., is doing things a little differently, making business decisions that are also designed to protect and preserve our surroundings.

Those decisions are rooted in the right partnerships:

  1. Vancouver Island Green Business Collective VIGBC was created to recognize the efforts of local businesses in reducing their environmental impact. It guides businesses in greening their operations, helps educate staff, and alerts customers to businesses that support climate-friendly practices. Certifications include Silver, Gold and Green, with Green being the highest recognition offered, and yes, Flight Cannabis Co. is Green-certified! To earn the title, businesses must undertake a variety of eco-friendly initiatives, such as choosing energy-efficient lighting and appliances and encouraging green transportation methods among staff.
  2. Producers with innovative environmental solutions: Flight Cannabis also partners with and supports producers adopting sustainable practices, such as Tantalus Labs, whose grow facility SunLab adopts eco-friendly methods. A glass ceiling reduces the use of artificial lighting and an on-site water-catchment system means they don’t use any irrigation systems or city water. “When we see producers who are making innovative environmental solutions, we want to make sure we’re supporting them as much as possible because it’s a trend we want to see in the industry,” Miller explains.

In-store sustainability practices:

The team at Flight Co. takes numerous steps in-store to be more sustainable:

  • Use Energy Star appliances and LED lighting
  • Order items in bulk to prevent multiple deliveries, limiting pollution
  • Use of naturally sourced materials during construction
  • Polished concrete floors instead of tile or linoleum reduced installation waste
  • Energy-efficient HVAC for heating and cooling
  • Use paper towels made from recyclable materials
  • Supply the team with cups, plates and cutlery to stop disposable products from being used
  • Recycle all hard and soft plastics, paper and cardboard

An extension of Flight’s focus on environmental responsibility is seeking solutions for better cannabis packaging. Current containers use plenty of plastic and while foil-lined bags, otherwise known as Mylar bags, use less but still aren’t a feasible solution.

“While it seems like there’s a lot of problems in the world right now, we can try to limit some of them by being smart about our purchasing decisions,” Miller explains.

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