New cannabis shop does well in first weeks

Clearwater’s new cannabis store, Interior Cannabis Company, opened its doors on July 20. Pictured, budtender Tianna Weniger, and owner Ben Minci run the shop on July 30. Photo by Jaime Polmateer

Clearwater’s first cannabis shop, the Interior Cannabis Company, is doing well in its first few weeks of operation and owner Ben Minci said comments from the public have been generally positive.

“(July 20) was our first day. That first day went really well but that was probably our second slowest day that we’ve had so far,” he said.

“It’s been a really great response from the community. I was really expecting a lot less business honestly, but we’ve been doing great and it seems like we’ll be here to stay so long as the community sentiment stays good.”

Business has been so good that Minci is having a hard time keeping the shelves stocked, but he assured there’ll always be lots of new products coming in to satisfy customers.

The shop carries all the accessories cannabis enthusiasts need like bongs, pipes, replacement bowls and bubblers, and also carries handcrafted wooden pipes made locally in Clearwater.

“Then obviously we have the dried flower, we just brought in vape cartridges, and edibles; we’ll be restocking on the gummies,” said Minci.

“There’s a grape gummy, a raspberry gummy, lemon lavender gummies are going to be coming, which I’m excited for, as well as some of the steeping tea, like teabags. I’m excited for those too. I’ve had quite a bit of interest.”

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Minci added the shop will be restocking on CBD and THC oils and there are also some infused drinks coming in like grapefruit sparkling water and ginger ale. He noted the edibles and drinks are especially ideal for those not interested in smoking.

Some of the top-selling products so far include pre-rolled joints and D. Bubba, which is one of the indica flower strains.

“Mostly it’s been positive. There have only been a few negative people, but that comes with any business really,” Minci said of the comments he’s received from the public so far.

“The majority of people have been super welcoming. Everyone who’s been coming has been saying it looks great in here, we have a good product variety and they don’t have to go to Kamloops anymore.”

Minci added his employees deserve a lot of the credit, noting they’ve been doing great at helping him run the shop, and he’s thankful the community has been supporting the business as much as they have so far.

Those interested in checking out the Interior Cannabis Company can visit 3-74 Young Rd. in the Clearwater Centre, next to the BC Liquor Store.

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