Sylvan Lake tattoo parlour sets sights on a world record!

At Lucid Tattooing and Design, it’s their mission to provide you with quality and original tattoo art!

After already tattooing someone for 51.5 hours straight, this Sylvan Lake artist is now looking to break the current record for World’s Longest Tattoo… and you could be his next client!

Meet Brandon Fancie from Lucid Tattoo and Design – a tattoo and body piercing shop with a twist! Proudly serving Alberta since 2012, Fancie expertly blends old school values with modern safety standards.

“When I first tried tattooing 16 years ago, I absolutely fell in love with it. I got so addicted to it, I turned it into a living,” Fancie jokes.

While the shop has recently undergone a rebranding, boasting a new logo and website, you can expect the same great services as Fancie brings quality and originality to his work. His studio remains a sanctuary for creative self-expression, where you can use body art to discover and express yourself.

“One of the best parts of my job is being able to create something with meaning for people, especially when it comes to memorial pieces. While they’re not all easy because of the emotion involved, you can commemorate and remember people through your tattoos and it can be really touching,” Fancie explains.

His work doesn’t stop with tattoos and piercings though, as Lucid Tattoo and Design also offers design work for print and web. Imagine having a design you’re considering for a future tattoo printed onto a t-shirt – how’s that for trying a tattoo on for size!

Now approaching their ninth year of operation, the professionals at Lucid Tattooing and Design put you in good hands.

Winning awards and breaking Guinness World Records:

Recognized for their work – in design and business – Lucid Tattooing and Design received the Small Business of the Year Award at 2017’s Mermaid Ball and Business Awards.

And, in November, Fancie heads to the Ottawa-Gatineau Capital City Ink Fest for a redemption round of the World’s Longest Tattoo. After first attempting to break the record in 2015 with Burn The Dragon, the recording of the session was compromised, so he’s ready to try his hand again for 57.25 hours, making it the world’s longest tattoo session.

A trip to Lucid Tattoo and Design puts you in good hands.

To begin your body art journey, contact them today – appointments are necessary! You can also head to their Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all their latest happenings.