Kootenay bud: Rock Creek cannabis grower brings in massive fall harvest

Speakeasy’s Kira Geen was hanging freshly-harvested cannabis to dry when The Gazette caught up to her last week. (Laurie Tritschler/Grand Forks Gazette)

A B.C. cannabis grower expects to harvest up to 70,000 kilograms of bud and THC products in the coming weeks.

Surrounded by pot plants budding higher than his 6’3”, Speakeasy Growers Collective founder Marc Geen was at a loss for words earlier this month when describing all the preparation ahead of the seven years it took just to get his farm licenced.

“Then there’s a ton of money and a ton of man-hours and about a million moving pieces that went in to putting this together.”

“I don’t have a lot of down time,” Geen said. Neither does his staff.

Greenhouses and curing rooms smelling like a Grateful Dead concert hummed with activity even as crews paused for photos. Their work won’t stop until they can reap, dry and process entire fields of green before autumn rains set in later this month.

To look at the farm’s production line is to imagine a real-life Santa’s workshop, only with no “naughty list” and with elves crafting bud instead of children’s toys.

“The cacophony of it all!” Anaconda trimmer John Solar joked, moving his snips up and down stems that seemed never to leave his hand as processed bud swelled a plastic tub underneath.

A seacan at the end of the line held five-pound bags of market-ready product.

Speakeasy will have brought in its harvest some time before November, Geen said.

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