5 ways to use cannabis to care for YOU

If your creativity has been lacking, cannabis, especially a moderate dose of THC, may provide the boost you need to pick up a paintbrush, try a new recipe, or redecorate that room you’ve been meaning to do.

By Shannon Chiarenza

Self-care is taking care of yourself so you’re more centred, present and peaceful. With so much uncertainty in the world right now, combined with our own personal struggles, life can be really stressful and that takes a toll on our health.

This is where cannabis can step in to help us de-stress and find balance.

How can we use cannabis for self care?

  1. Get some Zs – Cannabis can be one of the most effective sleep aids you can use. A slightly higher dose of THC in combination with CBD will help you fall asleep and stay asleep for hours, giving your body a chance to heal itself with beautiful, restorative sleep.

    You can add an infused bath bomb to a nice hot bath before bed, followed with an edible or joint that’s high in CBD and to help you fall asleep

  2. Get things done – Sitting in a messy house with a pile of things you have to do is stressful. Many times we can simply avoid housework because it’s overwhelming and that can add to feelings of depression and anxiety. Using a low dose of THC can make cleaning your house and doing other mundane chores a whole lot more fun. A clean house and your to-do list checked off will definitely reduce your anxiety.
  3. Get in the mood – Science has shown that orgasms can help our overall physical health and well-being. However feeling too much stress can kill the mood. A low dose of THC (especially for women) can help you feel more sensual and increase your libido. Cannabis can also help you achieve orgasm and have a deeper, more fulfilling orgasm.

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  4. Get centred – Meditation has always been recommended by mental health professionals as a way to help us with our overall sense of wellbeing. Cannabis can help to deepen your meditation practice as THC helps us feel more present by altering our perception of time. Take a low dose of THC before your next meditation session to help you feel more present and relaxed.
  5. Get creative – A great way to boost our mental health is with hobbies we enjoy, however when life gets stressful and we feel overwhelmed, we tend to abandon our favourite hobbies. Cannabis, especially a moderate dose of THC, can really boost our creativity and get us in the mood to pick up a paintbrush, or pen and write. Maybe try a new recipe or redecorate a room – ideas will come bursting into your head with a little help from cannabis.

You don’t have to get high to feel better

If you aren’t interested in using THC, CBD can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. There’s also many topicals on the market such as bath soaks, massage oils, salves and creams that can help you feel better. Have fun trying out different products to see what works for you.

– Shannon Chiarenza is the founder of weedmama.ca


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