Guild, cannabis seed swap generate buzz among Vancouver Island’s home-growers

The Vancouver Island’s HomeGrowers Guild welcomes a wide array of individuals, from those in their 20s to those in their 70s, highlighting the diverse appeal of cannabis cultivation. Canadian Evergreen photo

Vancouver Island’s HomeGrowers Guild recently hosted its annual cannabis Seed Swap event, drawing enthusiasts from across the region.

Mark Lehtimaki, a keen homegrower and key figure in the guild, shared insights into this unique gathering that has quickly become a cornerstone of the local cannabis culture.

The Seed Swap event, which originated from a passion for sharing and community, offers a platform for growers of all levels to exchange seeds, knowledge and experiences.

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“It’s kind of like card trading. People come with jars, showcasing what they have and what they can exchange. There’s a buzz of excitement – it’s a lot of fun for people into cannabis,” Lehtimaki says.

The event emphasizes the value of community, inviting even those without seeds to join, meet fellow enthusiasts and partake in the exchange, akin to trading hockey cards.

Lehtimaki’s journey with cannabis, spanning over 25 years, reflects a deep-rooted commitment to sharing and caring within the community.

“After legalization, I love this plant more than ever and want to give back to the community, sharing it as a culture and lifestyle,” he explains.

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This ethos led to the foundation of the HomeGrowers Guild in 2021, alongside a friend who provided a venue for their first Seed Swap event, which turned out to be a great success.

The guild welcomes a wide array of individuals, highlighting the diverse appeal of cannabis cultivation. “Anyone from young 20s all the way to 70s, and from every walk of life – everyone is welcome. It’s meant to be for people of all levels and methodologies of growing,” Lehtimaki says.

Looking ahead, Lehtimaki envisions the Guild growing beyond its current grassroots level. He hopes to introduce more educational components into the Guild’s activities, such as hosting speakers and expanding the range of events to further enrich the community’s knowledge and appreciation of cannabis.

As the Guild continues to evolve, its events like the Seed Swap serve as a space for those looking to connect over their shared passion for cannabis cultivation.

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