Health Canada data sheds light on current cannabis use

According to the 2023 Canadian Cannabis Survey, the proportion of those who smoke cannabis is on the decline, with 63 per cent of users smoking. Other options included consuming edibles or vaping.

The results are in and as of 2023, Canadians have not shown a significant increase in cannabis use, according the 2023 Canadian Cannabis Survey released by Health Canada.

Among respondents, the use of pot has been stable, with 25 per cent of those saying they use it almost daily. That includes 20 per cent of youth. This trend has remained the same since the second year of the study, conducted in 2018.

According to the survey, the proportion of those who smoke cannabis is on the decline, with 63 per cent of users who have smoked it, followed by 52 per cent who have consuming edibles, and 33 per cent who have vaped.

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When it comes to the sale of marijuana products, legal cannabis retailers have remained the go-to places for obtaining pot, with 73 per cent of those interviewed saying they got their stash from a legal source, such as a retail storefront or online. These numbers are in stark contrast from the 37 per cent reported in 2019.

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The basis of research

The 2023 CCS results are based on online responses from approximately 11,690 respondents aged 16 years of age and older across all provinces and territories in Canada.

The data for this survey was collected across seven themes:

  • Knowledge, attitudes and opinions.
  • Cannabis use and products used.
  • Sources and purchasing.
  • Assessment of higher-risk cannabis use.
  • Accidental consumption and adverse reactions.
  • Driving and cannabis.
  • Cannabis for medical purposes.

This survey is taken annually as part of the federal Cannabis Act to gauge trends in the pot use, which in turn helps Health Canada better understand habits and behaviours related to cannabis use over time. Survey results will support the development of policy and program initiatives, including public education and awareness activities.

Complete details of the 2023 Canadian Cannabis Survey are available on the official Health Canada website.

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