Visit some unique BC growers on this virtual roadtrip

Planning to take a virtual cannabis trip around B.C.? Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd. names each one of its products after a local island. Their Savory strain, for example, is named after Savory Island. (Photo via Broken Coast Instagram)

With many regions in British Columbia boasting an ideal climate for growing cannabis, the province is a fertile location for cultivators.

And while many of us are staying close to home this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a virtual tour of some unique BC growers, embracing everything from old-school, artisan technique to the latest technology. Here’s a quick tour of possibilities:

Vancouver Island

Starting on Vancouver Island Alternabis Farms in Shawnigan Lake is known for utilizing equipment for cultivation and the design of their facility allowing them to minimize the ecological footprint while maximizing production space.

Also on the Island, Aaron’s BC Bud takes a different approach. Although operating out of Vancouver they market the ideal climate and quality of soil on Vancouver Island and focus on more simple traditional methods ensuring a natural, organic, high-quality product.

In the Cowichan Valley, Broken Coast Cannabis boasts a custom-designed cultivation facility where smaller, laboratory-grade growing rooms allow for optimal conditions for each strain. The licensed producer of medicinal cannabis hand-trims and slow cures all products, with new strains being tested and evaluated. And with products named for the Gulf Islands, a BC tour wouldn’t be complete without them!

Lower Mainland

Vancouver-based Bliss Co. pushes products sustainability to complement the quality. Bliss Co. was founded on the ideals of stewardship, wellness, personal health and wellbeing, and giving back to the earth, and as part of that the company sources packaging that’s least harmful for the environment.


Travelling north to Whistler, nestled in the Coastal mountains, Whistler Medical Marajuana Corp. produces organic cannabis through the most natural processes. From cutting through drying, each plant is individually watered, pruned and hand-trimmed to ensure consistency and quality.


Heading to the Okanagan, find Flowr’s operating campus and epicentre of cultivation. While operating out of Toronto, Flowr is an international company, with its subsidiary Holigen operating in both Portugal and Australia. Taking advantage of state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Flowr stresses a clean, potent product.

“Born with a rebellious spirit and respect for the land,” the Okanagan Valley’s DOJA produce small-batch flower, with each batch expertly cultivated using custom-designed grow environments, hang dried and hand trimmed for the highest quality.

Like any great roadtrip, there’s so much more to discover than one tour will allow. What’s your BC-grown go-to?