5 ways moms can feel better with cannabis

From its anti-inflammatory properties that can help with aches and pains to support for a good night’s sleep, cannabis can help moms feel their best.

By Shannon Chiarenza

As a mom of two kids, I know the intense stress that comes with parenting in this modern world. Us moms are exhausted, stressed out and that takes a toll on our mental health and well-being. Self-care is crucial to managing it all, and cannabis is a great tool moms can add to their self-care toolbox.

1. Cannabis can help you relax

You don’t have to get high to experience the relaxing effects of cannabis. CBD, an extract of the cannabis plant, is non-intoxicating and can help to reduce anxiety and calm your nerves. Add in a bit of THC and you’ll feel even more relaxed. Using low doses or microdosing THC will help to ease stress without feeling high.

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2. Cannabis can help you focus

Cannabis changes your perception of time, slowing it down and giving you a feeling of being in the present moment. This helps you to focus on what you’re doing, shutting out the noise of racing thoughts. Microdosing cannabis is great for doing housework and being present while you play with your children.

3. Cannabis can help you sleep

One of the greatest things cannabis can do is help you get a good night’s sleep. I’ve coached women on using an edible for insomnia. After taking the edible they told me they slept six hours straight. When you’re an exhausted mom, six hours of straight sleep is sweet, sweet relief.

4. Cannabis can help with aches and pains

Chronic pain is common among moms as we rarely get enough sleep, are often fighting off some virus our kids brought home from school and we never get enough time to rest. This can cause the body to ache; cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that can be great for easing pain.

5. Cannabis can increase your desire for sex

It’s scientifically proven that regular sex can improve your overall health. But for many moms this can seem like too much effort when you’re exhausted from all the other things we’re dealing with. Cannabis can increase desire and can help with painful sex and achieving/deepening orgasms.

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With cannabis moms can feel relaxed, less pain, have regular sex and get a great night’s sleep – all the things us moms need to feel good and be at our best for our children. It doesn’t take much cannabis to feel these benefits. Used mindfully and with intention, cannabis can help moms feel so much better.

– Shannon Chiarenza is the founder of weedmama.ca

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