Marijuana mergers: When music meets Mary Jane

In addition to their music, movies and comedy performances, Cheech and Chong sell their own line of cannabis products, aptly named Cheech Chong’s Cannabis Co. File photo / submitted

“I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night/I smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright…” – Sublime, “Smoke Two Joints”

From Bob Marley’s 1978 release Kaya, or reggae-punk legends Sublime’s 1992 breakout hit Smoke Two Joints, to more recent releases like Snoop Dogg’s Smoke the Weed, pot anthems have been a part of popular music for decades.

Many musicians like Bob Dylan, Mily Cyrus and Afroman have also expressed their love of ‘the chronic,’ with the common feeling that smoking can help with creativity.

Some of these artists have combined music and their love for weed into a potent blend of stoner songs and cannabis product lines.

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Here is a look at four artists, and how they’ve merged their music with their cannabis product lines:

1.Willie Nelson

The country icon’s weed-infused melodies include Reasons to Quit, It’s All Going to Pot and the not-so-tongue-in-cheek tune, Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die – released on April 20, 2012 (4/20) and featuring vocals by fellow aficionado Snoop Dogg, Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson.

Over the years Nelson became known for his legendary stash, and his simple philosophy of ‘my stash is your stash.’

His cannabis product line, Willie’s Reserve, is a tribute to that tradition of sharing, and features a full range of items like vape products, edibles and an aptly-named strain of weed called Red Headed Stranger.

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2. Cyprus Hill

Known as big proponents of the NORML lifestyle, hip-hop artists Cypress Hill have a long playlist of pot tunes, including I Wanna Get High, Stoned Is the Way of the Walk, Dr. Greenthumb, and their 1993 classic Hits from the Bong which features the sounds of bubbling bong water.

Cannabis was still illegal in the U.S. and Canada when Cypress Hill first came on the scene 30 years ago, but Cypress Hill frontman B-Real has capitalized on its recent legalization in many states and across Canada.

B-Real now has a booming cannabis product line and several U.S. dispensaries called Dr. Greenthumb – named after their 1998 hit – that sells strains, vaporizes, G-pens and more. The website also provides information and ratings on the various growers they source their flower from.

3. Snoop Dogg

From 2008’s My Medicine and Smokin Weed all the way to 2021’s Left My Weed and his most recent No Bammer Weed perhaps no other hip-hop artist has more songs dedicated to rolling one up and smoking, than Snoop Dogg.

The weed-loving rapper once claimed on Reddit that he smokes an astonishing 81 blunts a day! Given the time that would take, it’s not surprising he employs a full-time blunt roller.

Snoop’s Death Row Records has launched its own weed brand, called Death Row Cannabis, with owner Snoop Dogg at the helm.

The line features weed strains with names like OG, Strawberry Gary and Bubblegum, and are sold by California cannabis dispensaries Cookies.

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4. Cheech and Chong

What list of weed-loving musicians would be complete without mentioning iconic stoners Cheech and Chong?

From Acapulco Gold Filters and Up in Smoke, to hilarious hits from 2013’s Cheech and Chong’s Animated Movie like WEed are the World, Paranoid Pothead and Smoke a Doobie Time, these comedians/musicians have been singing the praises of the skunky stuff for decades!

Tommy Chong – who’s been an advocate for cannabis for 50 years, working to gain acceptance of the plant for medical and recreational use – has several of his own lines, including a seed collection called The Choice of Legends, sold by Paradise Seeds.

The pair also sell a line of cannabis products called Cheech & Chong’s Cannabis Co., which features concentrates, vapes, edibles and flower strains with names like Drooler, LowRider and Love Machine.

So the next time you feel like blazing, you might want to pick up something inspired by these creative minds!

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